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About Us

We are a group of esport enterpreuners investing in esport companies and building up innovative products from scratch. We are offering our insights, to help the whole electronic sport industry grow. We are mix of

  • Enterpreuners who established the electronic sports
  • Electronic sports executives
  • Experienced research and data scientist

Leverage our years of experience in the industry, combined with state-of-the-art analytics. Not only we can help your brand grow in the region, but also to choose the proper partners, from micro-influencers to other local businesses and stars.

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Years of experience combined in electronic sports industry, from executive to analytics team


esport companies in our investment group which we hold shares


We will navigate you through the electronic sports waters

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Interested in where is the esport industry heading to?

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Deciding between mobile or PC, Twitch or Youtube Gaming? Let us guide you


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Regional Insights

Get custom regional reports to promote your brand in specific regions


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We provide electronic sport industry insights.

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